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Border Controls Push Prices of Heroin, Coca Higher Amid Coronavirus

Coronavirus-related strict border controls, lockdowns, and flight shortages are making illegal drugs more expensive and difficult to acquire all over the world, the UN Office on Medicine and Crime stated in a report released Thursday.

Border Controls Push Prices of Heroin, Coca Higher Amid Coronavirus

The pandemic is having a mixed impact on drug production in different areas and on smuggling by air, land, and sea; however, the overall trend in international locations where drugs are consumed seems to be comparatively uniform, the UNODC stated in the report, the sickness attributable to the coronavirus.

While opioids like heroin are nearly entirely transported by land, where increased checks could also be disrupting deliveries, cocaine is mainly delivered by sea. A recent spike in heroin seizures in the Indian Ocean may point out a spike in heroin deliveries to Europe by sea, the UNODC stated.

The current shortage of flights will probably have a “particularly drastic” impact on the smuggling of artificial drugs along with methamphetamine to nations such as South Korea, Japan, and Australia, it added.

In Afghanistan, the world’s largest producer of heroin, the opium harvest between March and June, is likely to be dented if workers are unable or unwilling to trave.

In Bolivia, recent hurdles related to the spread of COVID-19, combined with political turbulence last year, appear to be limiting the power of state authorities to curtail coca bush cultivation, the UNODC stated.

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