Scientists from the Oregon State University have diagnosed a brand new species of flower that turned into trapped in a bit of amber discovered in what’s now Myanmar, over a one hundred million years ago.

The flower is a male specimen measuring approximately 2 millimeters across. It has a few 50 stamens organized like a spiral, with anthers pointing in the direction of the sky. A stamen includes an anther — that’s a pollen-generating head — and a filament, the stalk that connects the anther to the flower.

The group of researchers have stated that for a flower so small, it’s miles stunningly detailed.

It has an egg-shaped, hole floral cup, an outer layer along with six petal-like additives referred to as tepals. There also are two-chamber anthers, with pollen sacs that cut up open thru hinged valves.

The flower has been named Valviloculus pleristaminis. Valva is the Latin time period for leaf on a folding door, loculus way compartment, plerus refers to many, and staminis displays the male intercourse organs withinside the flower.

The flower have become encased in amber at the historical supercontinent of Gondwana. Read greater approximately it at the Daily Mail.