A guy who beat his lady friend for months in the course of lockdown has been jailed in UK. The girl has narrated her ordeal of ways she suffered on the fingers of her now-former boyfriend.

A24-year-antique guy has been jailed for beating his 31-year-antique lady friend for months in the course of coronavirus lockdown in UK.

According to a document in Mirror, Seren and Paul Robert Morgan Richards-Keegan had been in a courting on account that July 2018 and became going suitable for approximately 5 to 6 months.

But from that factor onwards, she fell sufferer to Richards-Keegan’s “extreme sample of violence” on her – which escalated via the lockdown duration of the pandemic while human beings withinside the UK had been ordered to live home, reported Wales Online.

The girl has now spoken out approximately the merciless ordeal as her ex-boyfriend has been jailed.

Seren, at the start from Cardiff, stated she felt beneathneath Richards-Keegan’s manage and became not able to depart the connection, stated the document.

Every time she attempted, he threatened her till she agreed to live, she stated.

In January, Seren began out taking pics of the accidents Richards-Keegan inflicted on her, to construct proof towards him.

She stated: “I became dwelling in worry day and night time and on every occasion I attempted to depart he could threaten me. I took photographs and motion pictures as he used to inform me all of the time that he could kill me and placed my frame up the lakes.

Richards-Keegan became sentenced at Swansea Crown Court on December 22.

Hanna George, prosecuting, examine out info of Richards-Keegan’s moves toward Seren.

“A sample of great violence towards Seren escalated via the lockdown duration of the pandemic.”

On March 30, Richards-Keegan “pulled clumps” out of Seren’s hair, hit her over her head and spat in her face, stated the document.

Seren attempted to touch the police, however her accomplice warned her “now no longer to mention anything”.

On May 30, after a war of words approximately the promoting of the defendant’s motorbike, Richards-Keegan “grabbed [Seren’s] face and driven her towards a wall”.

The document stated that he beat her to the factor that her “mouth became complete of blood”.

Then on June 19, he once more assaulted Seren in bed.

“He hit her so tough a left hand print might be determined on her decrease back,” prosecuting recommend Ms George stated.


A month later, Richards-Keegan then strangled Seren as she attempted to expire of the residence to get help – struggling seen marks on her neck, stated the document.

In August, Seren became then threatened with a machete at 1 am while she informed Richards-Keegan the connection became over. As he brandished the lethal blade, she became informed to close up and take a seat down withinside the darkish in case the police became up.

George stated Richards-Keegan informed Seren that if she screamed, the machete could “pass via” her.

On August 22 Seren once more mustered the braveness to try to go away Richards-Keegan.

She stated she packed her baggage and did now no longer select out him up from paintings as she generally could.

Ms George informed the court: “[Seren] did now no longer select out him up from paintings and she or he locked the the front door. He became up on the cope with and he demanded she allow him in.

“He informed her if she allows him input he could now no longer turn out to be violent. With that reassurance, she allows him input her residence.

“When he entered, he misplaced his mood and she or he ran upstairs to the toilet to fasten herself in. He was given in, grabbed her through the throat and stated he could kill her. After a time frame he allow pass and informed her to trap her breath, then he did it once more.

George stated neighbours have become privy to the noise and seemed outdoor to look what became going on.

She stated they defined it as searching like a scene from a horror movie.

Neighbours known as the police. “When police attended, she became so anxious that she did now no longer completely reveal what had happened,” George added.

After being taken to Bronglais Hospital, Seren – whose weight plummeted to simply six stone due to the stress – broke right all the way down to docs as she certain the awful bodily and intellectual abuse she had suffered earlier than constructing up the braveness to visit the police, stated the document.

Richards-Keegan became arrested and puzzled through police.

However, after being taken to Aberystwyth Police Station, and notwithstanding the seriousness of the situation, he commenced calling individuals of Seren’s own circle of relatives to strive placed stress on her to drop the case towards him, stated the Mirror document.

But by the point the case was given to court, the sport became up for Richards-Keegan.

Seren says she not trusts guys and faces a protracted adventure to heal her intellectual wounds

Keegan will serve as much as 1/2 of that duration in custody earlier than being launched on licence to serve the the rest withinside the community.