Just as the planet thought that life is probably going to travel back to normal with the approval of COVID vaccine candidates round the world, a replacement strain of the novel coronavirus has emerged, and already spread to some parts of the planet . The strain, first reported within the UK is reportedly 50 to 70 per cent more contagious than the one circulating at the present . Mutations within the novel coronavirus are explanation for concern for experts ever since the start of the outbreak.

The new strain has already caused thousands of infections within the UK. As researchers explore if and the way will the present vaccines hold effective against the new strain, it’s important to know if the infection caused by the new COVID strain shows symptoms any different from the infection caused thanks to this strain.

According to a TOI report, aside from the common symptoms of fever, dry cough, and breathlessness, the opposite symptoms of infection with the new strain of COVID include –

Muscle pains
Mental confusion
Loss of appetite
All these symptoms are related to COVID-19 previously also , and most are already a neighborhood of the list of symptoms issued by health agencies like the us Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, and therefore the World Health Organisation.

No research or reports have proven a change within the symptoms related to COVID-19 – whether the infection is caused thanks to the previous strain, or the new strain. However, reports have suggested that the new strain is probably going to be more contagious than the previous ones.

What we’d like to stress about with the new COVID strain
While the symptoms of COVID-19 remain unchanged regardless of the strain that infects the person, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to stress about when it involves the new COVID strain. consistent with reports, the new strain is probably going to place children at an elevated risk of contracting COVID-19 – even as an equivalent as adults.

Researchers are looking into the consequences of the mutation on deathrate , but have thus far said that there’s no evidence that the new COVID strain can make COVID-19 any deadlier. Researchers and pharma companies who have developed vaccines agaisnt COVID-19 also are confident that the vaccines should prove effective agaisnt the new strain.