Welcome to Find Markets Research.
Find Markets Research is an information portal aimed at providing Internet users with the latest news from the life of the United States.
Every day the website publishes the latest news of the society, technologies, politics, economy, culture, sports and the most interesting events in the world.
The advantages of the site:
Attendance reaches 12,000 users a day.
A wide range of covered content.
In the nearest future it is planned to make the site available in 3 languages: English, French, Chinese.
And it’s planned to launch online TV broadcasting
Our audience also grows in social networks. As of March 2015, the total number of subscribers to our Facebook page is more than 20,000 users. This figure is constantly growing.
Some statistics that will be interesting to know:
120 million users a year are interested in articles related to the issues of society as a whole. These are various events of public importance, analytical articles, reviews and so on.
75 million users a year are interested in publications related to the banking, financial and economic sphere.
People of the age group from 25 to 34 years make up 33.50-50% of all visitors to the site.
With each month, the audience grows by 69.2%.
Since its inception, it has been visited by more than 100 million visitors.
Findmarketsresearch.com – the winner in the nomination “The Best News Site” in the National Internet Competition.
Ahead of the team findmarketsresearch.com ambitious plans, in the implementation of which this resource will become the information portal number 1 in the US.

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